Looking to immerse yourself in your own personal musical experience?  Consider the new Alpine headphones.

Alpine has announced a new product designed to do just that.  Alpine’s new headphones feature technology that is designed to immerse users into a listening experience that enlightens all the senses.  Alpine promises its users the ability to Feel, Hear and See their music.

Alpine Headphones
Alpine headphones are designed to immerse users in an audio experience that can be seen, heard and felt.

I didn’t quite understand how they will be able to see it, but here is what Alpine says about their new technology:

  • FEEL: Alpine’s patented TKR3 Full Frequency Immersion Technology delivers a unique sound field expansion that recreates a live event sensation so users can feel the beat in their core.
  • HEAR:  Exceptional audio reproduction with user customizable sound settings.
  • SEE: Users can interact with music via Level Play iPhone App.

See the music?

I think this is kind of a misnomer, but what it refers to is actually pretty cool.  Seeing the music is a reference to seeing the energy levels of your music.  You see, the new headphones from Alpine utilize this app called Level Play.  Level Play scans, analyzes, and organizes your music library into so called “energy” levels.  Users can select a particular “energy” level and the app responds with a randomized song flow that correlates to that particular energy.  So if you’re about to jump into some high intensity interval training, select a high energy level.  Going for meditative walk in the park?  Select a more relaxing energy level.

Feel the music

Alpine hopes their headphones will deliver the ambiance of a dance party, nightclub or live concert.  They’ve made it clear, they want users to not only hear, but feel their music.  They attempt to accomplish this using something they call TKR3 Full Frequency Immersion Technology which Alpine defines as “Unique sound field expansion that recreates a live concert like listening experience”.

They attempt to convey this experience in a video shown on their new promo page, but all I see are a bunch of people that can’t dance doing some weird shit with their hands while wearing some hot new Alpine headphones (maybe I just don’t get millennials even though technically I think I am a millennial).

Alpine Feel Your Music from Alpine Feel Your Music on Vimeo.

Hear the music

There is no doubting Alpine’s ability to produce high quality audio equipment.  These headphones are touted to be true to Alpine’s legacy and heritage.  Alpine has a long history of designing and delivering premium audio components to consumers all over the world.  These headphones in particular feature 40 mm high performance drivers and 24 bit digital to analog convertor.

No wires

Using Bluetooth technology users can easily pair to their iPod or iPhone.  Interestingly, Alpine’s press release specifies Apple products only.  Quite honestly, I’m not sure if these headphones are proprietary or can also be paired with other non Apple devices.

Full features and specs

  • TKR3 Full Frequency Immersion Technology: Unique sound field expansion that recreates a live concert like listening experience
  • 24-bit stereo audio analog-to-digital/digital-to-analog converter
  • Powered Digital amplifiers
  • 2 X 40 mm high performance drivers
  • Fully programmable audio processing for separate bass and equalization
  • Bluetooth Low Energy for easy-pairing with your iPhone device for user-programmable sound settings
  • Level Play application, an application that scans, analyzes, and organizes the listener’s music library into “energy” levels. At Playback, Level Play presents the listener with a randomized song flow from a particular “energy” level
  • Fixed rechargeable Li-ion battery with 10 hour capacity
  • Dynamic circuitry allows for listening in case of fully depleted battery
  • iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod ready audio cable with remote and microphone
  • Available in Apollo White and Onyx Black
  • Comes with: USB Charging cable, Audio Cable, and Headphone pouch


Due to a limited ‘first run’ production, these Alpine headphones are not available at Alpine dealers.  I guess that’s fair.  Apple has a huge market share and has been working with Alpine for at least 8 years by now, but you know, we’ve only been Alpine dealers for 20+ years.

Starting Friday, October 17th, these Alpine headphones will be available for purchase at Apple stores and apple.com for $299.

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