This would be extremely helpful to the DIYer who needs information on their vehicle regarding stereo wiring information, stock amplifier location, color code, what’s positive, negative, ground, accessory, etc.  This type of software has been a lifesaver in our shop on more than one occasion.  We use Ondemand which is subscription based, but the cool thing about All Data is you can buy your vehicle only and have access it the full vehicle schematic for a full year for only $16.95.  Think about how time you would save trying to wiring up a head unit in a vehicle where the stock radio harness has been cut or damaged.  Or when you have to find and bypass a stock amplifier in order to install your new stereo and speakers.


Not sure what you’ll need to change out the stereo in your car?  Check out Metra’s application guide to see what dash kit, wiring harness and antenna adapter your may need for your vehicle should you decide to change the stereo.  Very good thing to research BEFORE you buy a new head unit as there are still a few vehicles out there not covered where you can’t simply swap out the deck.  Their helpful application guide also shows you what size speakers come in your vehicle and often times with the available mounting depth.  This is a great place to start when researching what your options are for a car stereo upgrade.


PAC Audio has a lot of great interfaces that are often necessary in newer vehicles when upgrading or swapping out your stereo system.  They have a new line of combo parts that are very small and make installation a lot easier.  For example I may use a Metra Dash kit for an Audi A4 stereo installation, but opt to use a PAC interface for the stereo harness because they have a combo interface that covers both steering wheel controls, data retention and stock amplifier integration.