How to stop texting and driving

Check out this innovative product from Scosche Industries. The CellCONTROL module makes it easy for parents to make sure their kids are driving safe and not distracted by using their cell phones while driving. This device is designed to plug into the OBDII port of any vehicle produced in the US from 1996 and up. The CellCONTROL module is easily set up.  Simply activate the unit online, download the app to the distracted driver’s cell phone and then plug the CellCONTROL into the OBDII port.

When the vehicle is in motion, the most distracting functions of the cell phone will be disabled. No texting, no internet browsing, no camera functionality and not even phone use will be allowed. Phone functionality resumes when a handsfree bluetooth kit is registered to the phone.

Not only is this kit a wonderful option for parents of teen drivers, but it’s a great option for any employer who has employees driving on company time.

Scosche CellCONTROL in action

Should the unit be disabled or the app be deleted from the phone, the administrator (AKA the parents or the boss) will be notified via text or email. The CellCONTROL is compatible with over 1200 phones on the market including popular operating platforms like Android 2.1 and above, BlackBerry 4.5 and above, all Windows Mobile 5 & 6, all Symbian S60 (3rd Edition) and select Brew and BREWMP systems.

For only $129.99, you can buy a little peace of mind and driver safety. Check it out at

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  1. This is great but it still requires alot of technical understanding that alot of parents dont have.I wish the cell phone manufactures would apply some kind of gps tech that would recognize that the phone is in motion from a vehicle and would shut off the text function.That would save alot of lives as texting has become a prefered form of communication that this generation has grown into.What am i saying,my 70 yr. old mother has learned to text and the thought of her texting and driving is scary! Wow I just looked up from the computer and Homer Simpson had a wreck from driving & texting!

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