LED Third Brake Light Install Jeep Wrangler JK

LED third brake light

Installing an LED third brake light behind the spare tire on your Wrangler is a super quick and easy upgrade. This LED third brake light kit from LED Factory Mart has an attractive concentric design accented by additional lines of LED’s that spiral out from the center as the brake is fully depressed. Not only is the illumination pattern unique, but the plug and play design of the kit makes install a breeze.

Smoked 14″ Cyclone Series 3rd Spare Tire LED Third Brake Light For 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK -Factory LED Mart

With 150 LED’s rated at IP67 and 50,000 hour lifespan, this product appears to be built to last. Only time will tell. The winters in New England are pretty brutal. Just take a look at the rusted out housing on my reverse camera which is due to be replaced soon. Thankfully, this LED third brake light does include a 1 year warranty.

Installation video – LED Factory Mart LED third brake light

This is such a super straight forward installation making it a great accessory for do-it-yourselfers. The only difficult part may be removing the spare tire. You may need a second person to help you with that. Additionally – this kit assumes you still have the factory 3rd brake light in tact. If you have an aftermarket spare tire carrier like I do, then you may end up having to cut and splice.

Step 1 – remove the spare tire

Using a 9 MM socket – carefully remove the spare tire. Use caution! It’s heavier than you think. You may need a helping hand.

Carefully remove your spare prior to installing your LED third brake light

Step 2 – remove the 4 T20 Torx screws holding in the factory third brake light.

This allows you to gain access to the factory third brake light wire connector. This is how you will connect the aftermarket LED third brake light.

Remove the four T20 Torx screws

Step 3 – Place the LED third brake light on the spare tire carrier.

Make sure to mount it with the wire side facing away from you and on top. If you have an aftermarket reverse camera, you may need to adjust your camera mount to accommodate the LED third brake light.

Route wiring – ignore the rusted out EchoMaster reverse camera housing due to be replaced on another day and time.

Step 4 – Connect the included T-harness

Use the included T-harness to connect to your existing third brake light wiring. This is just a simple in and out connection. Route the wiring down under the cover and re-attach.

Included plug and play T-harness

Step 5 – Test it out

Make sure everything is working properly before re-attaching your spare tire.

Testing the LED third brake light in my 2014 Wrangler JK

What if you don’t have the OEM Third Brake Light?

I have an aftermarket spare tire carrier on my Jeep that already included an alternate LED third brake light. The existing aftermarket third brake light I had was pretty small and dainty. I’d always wanted something a bit more robust and attractive which is why I was super excited when LED Factory Mart reached out to me about reviewing this kit. It was a perfect excuse to finally schedule some work on my own Jeep which is often neglected just because we’re always so busy at the shop working on client’s vehicles.

Cutting and splicing

After taking everything apart, we realized, I no longer had my OEM third brake light connector. I think we had to cut and splice when installed the SmittyBilt spare tire carrier. Using a test light, we opened it up and checked for brake positive and ground. Once we had the wiring identified, we cut and spliced the harness that came with the LED Factory Mart kit.


Overall, I’m really happy with the end result. It’s just such a quick and easy way to enhance your Jeep’s appearance while also adding a bit of safety. This third brake light is much more visible than the factory brake light. For most Wrangler owners out there this will be a 10-15 minute install. Just keep in mind – if you don’t have the factory third brake light, it will be a bit more work to make those connections. Have you installed this LED third brake light from LED Factory Mart? What has your experience been?