Where have I been?

Trying to figure out what Pioneer iPod cable I need nowadays….Seriously, have you seen this cross reference chart?

Pioneer iPod cable Cross Reference Chart
What iPod cable do I need for my Pioneer head unit??
What iPod cable do I need for my Pioneer head unit?

All joking aside

Apple really did throw a curve ball for a lot of companies by changing to the new lightning port.  I really do have to reference this chart quite often to figure out exactly what iPod cable I need for what Pioneer head unit I’m selling depending on what device I’m hooking up and for what purpose.  So for everyone out there wondering what friggin iPod cable they need for their Pioneer head unit, check out that chart!

As far as the lapse in posts, responses, etc. – Business has been demanding and my intentions for this blog had to go on the back burner.  Eventually, I realized my goal of trying to help answer everyone’s questions was a pretty unrealistic goal.  I really wish I could help everyone out there.  I wish there was enough time to answer every question emailed or posted and return every phone call I receive at the shop from readers, but in reality, it’s just not possible.  I really appreciate everyone reaching out for my expertise, but my time is limited on this earth.  My loyalty and priority has to be with my local customers who support my business and make this blog even a possibility.

No doubt I will continue to make posts about new products which are finally hitting the market (CES 2013?  Yeah, totally missed that – didn’t even get to read about!  Sad, but true).  You will also see more posts highlighting the various and unique installs we do at our shop on a daily basis.  Check back soon for new product reviews and installation showcases.

Coming up next, the Alpine PXA-H800 processor vs the Audison Bit One.  John just finished installing one and I have yet to take a listen to it.  Has Alpine finally produced a processor close to what their F#1 status equipment could achieve?  I’ll find out and post about it soon enough.  In the mean time, for all you nostalgic car audio collectors out there, I happen to be selling our store’s Alpine F#1 Status DVI-9990 head unit and PXI-H990 DSP processor on eBay, you can bid on that or just check it out here.