Pioneer AVICX940BT revealed at CES 2012 with Q & A by the Car Stereo Chick

Yesterday I had a chance to meet with Harry from Pioneer at their booth during CES 2012.  Here is the interview I did with him.  I asked him tough questions about Pioneer’s questionable design/layout choices as well as gained some insight into what kind of consumer product testing Pioneer goes through before releasing a new model to the market.  A big thanks goes out to my husband John, for his wonderful camera work.  Thanks babe, I couldn’t have done it without you.

The all new Pioneer AVIC-X940BT with advanced App mode

Car Stereo Chick checks out new Pioneer App radio and AVIC navigations for 2012 at CES

New Pioneer App Radio Revelead at CES 2012 interfaces with Android

The floors at CES today were filled with an incredible energy that I haven’t seen in years past.  The crowds were overwhelming, but full of excitement.  There was a vibrant energy and an eagerness that was palpable; you couldn’t help, but feel it.  As I arrived I found myself in the midst of the action and began riding that wave of eagerness and anticipation.  One of the vendors I couldn’t wait to visit was Pioneer.

Their AVIC navigation units have always been our most popular seller at our store, but as much as it appealed to customers, there was always something lacking that seemed to nag them.  “It’s a great unit”, they’d tell me, “but it could have been so much better.”  Still, they always found it better than the competitors offerings.

The new Pioneer AVIC-Z140BH

Earlier today I had a chance to speak with Harry from Pioneer.  He was kind enough to walk us through the new App radios and AVIC navigation units that Pioneer will be releasing in 2012.  He also took the time to listen to, and respond to, our very valid gripes with their innovative products.  Who knows? Maybe they’ll take notice of our suggestions?  We’ll have to wait until CES 2013 to find out.

As far as the AVIC units go, here’s a little teaser. I’ll have the full introduction posted up shortly. Enjoy!