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Sony XAV-AX150

Sony XAV-AX150 Review

Is the Sony XAV-AX150 the best value Apple CarPlay and Android Auto radio for 2022? Now more than ever, consumers can appreciate the great value of the Sony XAV-AX150. As
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Alpine i509-WRA-JL

Alpine i509-WRA-JL and i509-WRA-JK

New Alpine Jeep Stereo Models for 2022 Alpine recently announced two new Jeep Wrangler specific models for 2022: the i509-WRA-JL and the i509-WRA-JK. These two models are very similar to
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Kenwood CMOS 740HD

Kenwood CMOS 740HD Comparison

How does the CMOS 740HD high definition camera compare to your typical reverse camera? This week in the shop we installed a Kenwood CMOS 740HD camera into a client’s 2018
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Renault Clio Sport V6

Renault Sport Clio V6

This week in the shop When you have clients that are car collectors, you get to see and work on the occasional unicorn like this Renault Sport Clio V6. This
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UTE73BT Bluetooth Pairing - demonstrated on CDE-172BT

Alpine UTE73BT Bluetooth Pairing

Phone says connected, but there’s no audio streaming Are you having a hard time figuring out your Alpine UTE73BT Bluetooth pairing? Whether you’ve got the Alpine UTE-73BT, CDE-172BT or the
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Kenwood vs Kenwood eXcelon Sub Pre-amp Voltage Distortion Test - Max Volume - Sub Level at Max

Kenwood vs Kenwood eXcelon

When I was 17 years old I started working in this business and it was at that time I was introduced to the Kenwood eXcelon line. It always bothered me
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