Find out the best car stereo head unit for your unique car audio application

Having a hard time finding the best car stereo head unit for your car stereo system?  Car Stereo Chick is here to help guide you to the best car stereo head unit for your unique needs.  At my local car audio business in Danbury, CT (Sounds Incredible Mobile) I help thousands of customers every year determine how to choose the best car stereo for their needs.  I help them learn about the various aftermarket car audio head units, their features and benefits, how those features and benefits will effect their driving experience and I help them narrow down their selection to a few options that make sense for their unique needs and application.  I compare it to kind of like buying a house.  You can never usually find a house that has EVERY feature you’re looking for (unless of course you build your own) and it’s usually no different in selecting a car audio head unit.  You kind of have to weigh what features are most important to you, find a few options with the features you were looking for and then make your selection based on what head unit best satisfies all the features you desire for your car audio system.

This section will be broken down into a few different categories depending on style and features.

Double Din or Single Din?  What’s the difference?

“Din” is simply a reference term to the size of a car stereo.  The standard sizes available are either single din or double din.  Single din is a universal size designed to fit into most vehicles on the market.  For many years, most American car manufacturer’s had a standard stereo size of din and a 1/2 or 1.5 din like GM, Ford and Chrysler.  Japanese car manufacturers like Nissan, Subaru, Honda and Toyota have used double din sized stereos for quite some time.  These days, almost all manufacturer’s are using double din or larger.

Most double din stereos these days come with a 5.8″ to 7″ touch screen which can provide users much easier access to the menus and features of the stereo.  Single din stereos are usually more affordable, often have many of the same features as a double din, but the controls and button are smaller which can make them a little more difficult to use than a nice large double din touch screen.

To see what you can fit in your vehicle, go to a fit guide like Metra or Best Kits which make the necessary installation kits you will need to install your aftermarket stereo.

Pick your category and see what options are available for your unique needs.

Best Double Din Car Stereos
Best Double Din Car Stereo

Best Single Din Car Stereo Head Units
Best Single Din Car Stereo Head Units

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