Alpine introduces 9″ Jeep Wrangler Apple CarPlay Head Unit – Alpine i109-WRA

Although I did not get a chance to attend CES this year, I did hear about a couple cool new car audio products coming out in 2016 including a new 9″ Jeep Wrangler Apple CarPlay deck from Alpine.  After installing one of the X009-WRA units last summer, and seeing how nice the unit looked, felt and functioned, I really couldn’t get over how Alpine could leave out such a popular feature in a $3000 head unit.  Thankfully they sort of came to the same conclusion and created the 9″ Jeep Wrangler CarPlay head unit, the i109-WRA.

Alpine i109-WRA - 9" Jeep Wrangler Apple CarPlay Head Unit
Alpine i109-WRA – 9″ Jeep Wrangler Apple CarPlay Head Unit

This over-sized Jeep Wrangler touch screen stereo features a 9″ glass capacitive touch screen, just like what they use with the iLX-007.  In fact, it is essentially a 9″ version of the iLX-007 but with additional hard buttons that function as short cut keys for Maps, Music and Phone functions.  Although this unit is both attractive and surely a very functional option for a vast number of Jeep Wrangler driving iPhone users, it still leaves some key features off the table.  Unlike the X009-WRA, this unit lacks:

  • Bluetooth (must be connected using USB to lightning cable)
  • iDatalink Maestro Integration (but does have standard steering wheel integration option)
  • SiriusXM Capability (not that I care for SiriusXM, but I know lots of consumers do)
  • CD/DVD (probably not such a big deal these days, but FYI)
  • On board navigation (eh, you can use Apple Maps right?)

I find it somewhat frustrating that Alpine doesn’t make an all inclusive unit such as an X009-WRA with Apple CarPlay, but apparently their market research indicates consumers either want a full featured audio video navigation bluetooth stereo lacking Apple CarPlay OR they want a very minimalistic, but cool and functional Apple CarPlay radio.  I think most of my customers would disagree with that.  In my experience, they are looking for ALL the features in an easy to use platform at a great value (which is why Pioneer has totally domineered this category at our shop).

Speaking of value, the price tag on the Alpine i109-WRA is yet to be determined, but rumored to be at or around $1999.95.  The Alpine i109-WRA is compatible with 2011 and up Jeep Wranglers and will be bundled together with a a vehicle specific wiring harness.  Aside from the obvious Apple CarPlay integration, the Alpine i109-WRA features:

  • 9″ Anti-glare capacitive touch screen
  • Three 2-volt preouts for front, rear and subwoofer
  • Rear aux A/V input
  • Reverse camera input
  • Compatibility with Alpine TuneIt App (which allows access to advanced audio control options including 9 band EQ, time alignment, crossover points, etc.)

Current estimated release date on the Alpine i109-WRA is April 2016.


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  1. I have asked them on their Facebook page and keep getting ignored, maybe you’ve heard more than me. Are there any plans for a CarPlay version of the x009gm? That’s the restyle dash kit and x009 head unit for 07-14 model full size GM SUVs. Seems like all they would have to do is use their current GM dash kit and upgrade the head unit to this one (i109-wra) since they’re both 9″ units.

    • I have not heard anything yet. I imagine they are testing the waters with this Jeep model and if it’s a success (which I don’t see why it wouldn’t be) they may decide to roll it out to other vehicles. I really don’t know why they don’t do this either or simply add CarPlay to their existing line of X009 models. I think it’s obviously something consumers want. Unfortunately my inside sales rep of 12 years recently left Alpine so at the moment I don’t have any more inside information.

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