Alpine Headphones Review Coming Soon!

Alpine Headphones Review
Alpine Headphones Review

Car Stereo Chick convinced Alpine’s PR department to send over a sample specifically for review on this website and I’m SO excited to review the new Alpine headphones.

Even though I’m an Alpine dealer, I can’t just order up a pair.  These Alpine Headphones are currently being sold exclusively through Apple at the moment.  And much to my dismay, I don’t have $300 to shell out just to see what they’re all about.  I’m also not the kind of person to buy something just to check it out and then return it.  I think that mentality comes from being in retail for 14 years – dealing with returns sucks when you’re a retailer.

Anyways, after talking to Alpine’s PR department, I convinced them to send me a sample for review.  Check back early next week for an in depth, unbiased Alpine headphones review.

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