Looking for an easy OEM upgrade?  Take a look at JL Audio’s all new Stealthmod.

JL Audio Stealthmod for Chevy Camaro includes a Stealthbox with two 10″ W1 Subwoofers

In my last JL Audio post, I briefly mentioned a new product from JL Audio, called the Stealthmod.  For all you car audio enthusiasts out there that own a Kia Soul, Chevy Camaro Convertible or a BMW X5, read on.  Don’t own one of these cars?  That’s okay, keep reading, JL will be adding more models soon.

JL Audio is no stranger to OEM system upgrades.  They’ve been offering easy OEM sound upgrades for over 15 years.  Their first Stealthbox hit the market in 1996.  9 years later, JL Audio released the CleanSweep, a sophisticated DSP processor that eliminates frequency errors that occur in factory audio systems. This brings us to the newest integration breakthrough from JL Audio, the Stealthmod.

The Stealthmod is what lies between simply adding a Stealthbox to an OEM audio system and doing a complete overhaul with the CleanSweep.  Currently the Stealthmod is available for the Chevy Camaro Convertible, Kia Soul and (very soon) the BMW X5.  JL Audio has taken the guess work out of upgrading your stock system.

JL Audio Stealth Mod Camaro Convertible

After months of research and development, JL Audio is proud to offer a complete OEM upgrade kit that will include:

-Component speaker upgrades

-System amplifier with remote level control

-Wiring (power, speaker and signal)

-Brackets, adaptors and hardware

-Detailed installation and setup instructions


JL Audio has thought of everything with these kits.  I was shocked at CES to see that these kits are shipped with every wire you need for the installation, pre-cut, down to the exact length of wire required for the application.  They also include every nut, bolt, screw, fastener and bracket you will need.  JL Audio has always offered excellent quality products at extremely reasonable prices and I think you will agree that these Stealthmods, like most JL Audio products, are a great value.

Prices and equipment will range from vehicle to vehicle.  The Kia Soul Stealthmod includes a pair of C2-650x’s, the 3 channel XD 500/3 and a vehicle specific Stealthbox housing a 12″ W0.  This system can be yours for $1449.95.

If you own a Chevy Camaro Convertble, your Stealthmod will include a pair of C3-650 convertible speakers, the 5 channel XD 700/5 and a custom Stealthbox enclosure housing two 10″ W1 subwoofers for only $2399.95.

For the BMW X5 drivers out there, your Stealthmod (with stock premium audio system) will include a set of C5 tweeters and passive crossovers, the 5 channel XD 700/5 and a Stealthbox housing a 10″ W3.  The BMW X5 Stealthmod is offered for X5’s with the Harman Kardon Logic 7 system and will be sold for only $1899.95.

JL Audio Black BMW X5 Stealthmod Subwoofer Upgrade – 94518/ Contains One 10W3v3-2 Subwoofer/ Five-Channel Amplifier To Power The Front Speaker System And Filter Its Frequency Ranges For Increased Performance/ Stealthbox Installs Beneath The Cargo Area Floor In The Passenger-Side Rear Corner Of The Spare Tire Well/ Offers Dramatic Improvements In Low-Frequency Extension And Quality/ Black Finish

Due to the nature of these all inclusive kits, the installation will take a fraction of the time that a traditional custom OEM audio upgrade would take.  Without the need to plan and/or fabricate anything, the installation of these kits will be a breeze and thus cut down on installation costs as well.

Always thinking ahead, JL Audio is making great strides in OEM integration.  For more information on your Stealthmod, along with specific application details, visit JL Audio’s website.  Have you installed a JL Audio Stealthmod yet?  If so, please tell us your experience.

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  1. This looks very promising for those of us who prefer a complete OEM look, but I have an Audi TT, and they don’t build anything for Audi. Any idea why?

    BTW, I love your blog and your reviews, keep up the great work!

    • Hi Joe,
      Thanks for the feedback. I think it’s probably because the Audi TT is not a widely popular vehicle across the US. We get our fair share of them in our shop in Connecticut, but in talking to industry reps I guess Audi’s and VW’s are more popular along the coastline states and not so much in the rest of the country. So I’m sure it all has to do with demand – they design products for the most popular vehicles sold. I will be at CES next week and will be at the JL Audio booth. I’m sure there will be another post about new product releases in the near future so check back soon. Thanks for reading!

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