Alpine’s new oversized double din navigation system

Alpine has unveiled a fantastic new line of head units at CES 2012. Probably the most eye catching and unique of these new products would be the INE-Z928HD. With an oversized 8″ touch screen, this Alpine navigation system is unlike any other aftermarket double din navigation systems. Alpine is supporting this new model by producing and distributing a line of installation kits that will accommodate this head unit in larger stereo dash openings. The image shown here is from a Chevy Tahoe utilizing one of Alpine’s new installation kits.

The other groundbreaking feature, which I did not see from Kenwood or Pioneer is not only does this baby interface with iPhone and Android for Pandora control, but also Blackberry. Users will be able to plug in their smart phone and access their channels on Pandora radio on screen as well as utilize the thumbs up/thumbs down feature and skip tracks. Alpine was the 1st company I’m aware of to interface with Pandora and it seems they have a little bit of an edge on other manufacturers by also offering this great feature for the Blackberry.


New Alpine INE-Z928HD on display at CES 2012

Alpine will also be offering a standard sized double din navigation system with the same technology. Other great features these new double din navigation systems will include are a 9 band EQ, 4 volt preout section and built in HD radio. I’m also happy to report that the quality of their navigation screen has vastly improved with more detail and clarity than was seen with the INA-W910BT. Expected release date on the INE-Z928HD will be May 2012 with an estimated retail price of $1499 and for your standard double din, the INE-Z920HD, expect to see those shipping in March 2012 with an estimated retail price of $999.

Besides innovative navigation systems, Alpine will be offering two other double din head units with app features in the $600 range and a full line of single din head units with some great features. I was pleased to see Alpine is finally offering a single din head unit that includes technology that most consumers want, without having to add additional modules. One to look out for will be the CDE-HD138BT.

New full featured Alpine single Din head unit unveiled at CES 2012
New full featured Alpine single Din head unit unveiled at CES 2012

The CDE-HD138BT will feature Pandora control for iPhone, Android and Blackberry and will come with 3 4 volt preouts, built in crossovers, a USB mass storage mode for external hard drives, built in HD radio (yay no add ons), built in Bluetooth (one less component to install!) and has a steering wheel remote connection.

One thing I haven’t seen yet is multicolor illumination. Does Alpine think that everyone has blue interior dash lights? I guess we can’t always have it all.  I’ll be visiting Alpine’s booth today to interview a product specialist, maybe I can gain some insight to their illumination color choice.  Regardless of color, the 2012 line up from Alpine appears to be a vast improvement over their 2011 offerings. Check back soon for more details.

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  1. Hi Annie!
    What connections i have to use for pxa h800 processor since the 928 don’t have Ai Net or optical out? Alpine says the 928 is compatible with the processor in the web site!

    • Hi Rodrigo,
      According to the install guide you can use it via the AI-NET connection if you’re not using optical, but Alpine doesn’t use AI-NET anymore. I see where you saw it on their description for the 928 but I don’t see any adapters that would fit the bill. I’d have to call alpine tech support for that one, not sure how that would work.

  2. Annie,

    Thanks for the reply. That’s very disappointing to here Alpine has no plans to make the Perfect Fit kit for my ’07 Chevy Trailblazer SS. So, new question. Since the Perfect Fit kit came WITH all the necessary wiring connections; what will I need to purchase along with the H.U. to connect into my existing car’s steering wheel controls; chimes,and Onstar then?

  3. Annie,

    i took your advice back on April 18th and waited for the Alpine INE-Z928HD! But crutchfield is saying it won’t fir in my ’07 Chevy Trailblazer SS! 🙁 Can you ask your Alpin rep: 1) why it won’t fit? 2) Are there ANY plans for the Perfect Fit kit for my vechicle? Lastly, if #2 is ‘no’; then what can I use to make it fit?

    • Hi David,
      Alpine does not have a perfect kit listed for that car, I imagine you’ll have to fabricate. They do offer a universal trim bezel for custom fabrication, the KTX-UTB8, but I don’t think you’ll need it. Honestly, I don’t think your stock stereo is that big, from recollection the standard install kit for that car is slightly larger than double din. Here is a link to the standard double din kit which would accommodate your standard double din 7″ touch screen. So figure with an 8″, you’ll probably be shaving away at the factory bezel, possibly filling in with some bondo, sanding and painting. Nothing a good installer can’t do. We do that all the time with cars that only accommodate din and a 1/2 or vehicles that have no aftermarket installation kit. Good luck!

  4. Hey Annie, do you have any clue when the Alpine INE-Z928HD will arrive in Australia and how much it will cost here?

    • Hi Emin,
      Unfortunately I don’t know and don’t really have the means to access that information. It’s hard enough to get an answer on when it will release here in the US from my own representatives. Unfortunately my Alpine sales rep doesn’t have access to info regarding product release outside of the US. It hasn’t made it here yet though, I can tell you that much. I would guess 6 months or so based on the current products I see advertised on Alpine’s Australian site, but really I don’t know. I’m basing that solely on the fact that they still have some stuff on there that has been discontinued here since January/February.

      As far as price goes, if the pricing on Alpine’s Australian site is accurate, I’d say you guys pay a lot more for Alpine products than we do in the US. Take the CDE-123 listed for $499 AUD. That unit sold here for $199 US. Or the PDXF4, $699 AUD goes for $499 US. So since that unit will sell for $1499 US my guess on price would be around $2000?

  5. It’s June 21st already. Why isn’t this out? Your estimate for late July to August still holding?

    • Not sure what model you’re referring too….

  6. Is Alpine no longer useing imprint?

    • Not that I have seen yet. I think they’re calling it something else. The CDE-HD138BT does have a 5 or 7 band parametric EQ, but no time correction. The A/V units will probably be a different story. We’ll see when they finally get here.

  7. Hey Annie, thanks for the great write up. I am very interested in the 928 since I have fallen out of “like” with the Pioneer interface. Too tough to scroll and the GPS was always a bit a cluster f.

    Any idea if iPod video will be added to the unit and how does the GPS compare to those from Garmin or Tom Tom. The interface of the 928 seems much more intuitive and easy to use from a driver’s perspective. So August, eh? I guess I can keep saving up.

    • Hi Steve,
      I agree with the scroll on the Pioneer, I hate it. It’s a really difficult thing to try and do when you’re trying to focus on the road. iPod video should most definitely be a feature on the 928, I think Alpine was one of the 1st brands out there to offer that feature. The 1st thing I said when I checked out the prototypes at CES were, “It’s about friggin time, a REAL navigation”. It reminds me of their original flagship navigation, the NVEN872A, but with easier to read graphics and icons like a Garmin or Tom Tom. So it should be good, if you can be patient enough for it 🙂

  8. Hi Annie! Do you know the release date for the 928? Ive read May but could you help be a little more specific : ) Also, do you know if Alpine has or has plans to make a “perfect fit” kit for Volkswagens? Thank you!

    • Hi Rich,
      I think I have a better chance of winning powerball than seeing that deck ship in May. Last I talked to my Alpine rep, he said July for the 928 which means we’ll see it in stores in August. The 920 ship date is June, so we should see that in July. I see my Alpine rep tomorrow, I’ll see if there’s any update and report back soon!

  9. I have a 2007 Chevy Trailblazer SS with the factory Bose navigation and am trying to decide if I should buy the INA-W910 or wait for the INE-Z928HD. Initially, I will be retaining the factory Bose speakers and non-lux amp and only intend to upgrade the head unit for now.
    My concerns: will it fit? According to the site, the newer model will NOT fit; but when I called their customer service, I was told they have no detailed information. Do you have any dimensions I can compare? I like the 24-bit Burr/Brown DA converter feature on the INA-W910. Does the new INE-Z928HD also have this sound quality? Can I determine these factors now or will I have to wait until July for the newer model to be released and risk the older INA-W910 no longer being available?

    • Oh my God, I beg you, PLEASE WAIT. I hate the way the nav screen looked on the INA-W910. Everything else was nice. But when you go to the nav screen, it looked like their old blackbird dockable navigation (it was a hunk of crap in case you never heard of it). It looks like the screen is zoomed in and kind of grainy, but only on the nav side. The new ones look like a real navigation should. The new one has way more advanced EQ features than the current 910, so sound quality and EQ you’ll be better off with the new one. Worst case scenario, if for some reason it didn’t fit, go with the new 920.

      Here is an example of the new type of kits Alpine and Scosche will be offering. This one is currently available, but it’s only for their standard double din offerings.

      The actual chassis on the INE-Z928HD will be double din, it’s more of an over sized face. It will fit in a lot of vehicles, especially with some custom fabrication. If you have 8″ diagonally, I don’t see why it wouldn’t fit. I’m not at my shop right now, otherwise I’d go open the dash kit I just mentioned and measure it. Bottom line, wait for the new stuff. It’s almost always better to have the latest and greatest when it comes to this kind of stuff.

  10. What could a chick possibly know about car audio? 🙂 Lol
    Apparently, quite a lot! Nice job on the blog. Saw the link on DIYMA.

    • Thanks Bryan, I appreciate it.

  11. annie did they have any new releases for the alpine type x or any modifications or improvements to that sub?

    • They did, they actually revamped the entire line including amps, subs and back up cameras which is a rare thing for a brand to do. This year’s line up is awesome. I will be posting an article later today or tonight with details on everything with pictures and more videos.

  12. That’s nice and all, but that stock photo above is last year’s model, not the new 928. The 928 doesn’t have that god-awful curved lip at the bottom, and sits flush against the new custom bezel.

    • That’s from Alpine’s press release. Let me post the one I actually took myself.

    • Hmm, afraid it does still have a lip. I kind of remember thinking while I was there, “Oh, they still have the lip on the bottom”, it’s not nearly as obtrusive as last years though and the finish is all black so it’s still an improvement in appearance over last year. More importantly is the improvement in features, the map quality and user interface.

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