New Pioneer App Radio Revelead at CES 2012 interfaces with Android

The floors at CES today were filled with an incredible energy that I haven’t seen in years past.  The crowds were overwhelming, but full of excitement.  There was a vibrant energy and an eagerness that was palpable; you couldn’t help, but feel it.  As I arrived I found myself in the midst of the action and began riding that wave of eagerness and anticipation.  One of the vendors I couldn’t wait to visit was Pioneer.

Their AVIC navigation units have always been our most popular seller at our store, but as much as it appealed to customers, there was always something lacking that seemed to nag them.  “It’s a great unit”, they’d tell me, “but it could have been so much better.”  Still, they always found it better than the competitors offerings.

The new Pioneer AVIC-Z140BH

Earlier today I had a chance to speak with Harry from Pioneer.  He was kind enough to walk us through the new App radios and AVIC navigation units that Pioneer will be releasing in 2012.  He also took the time to listen to, and respond to, our very valid gripes with their innovative products.  Who knows? Maybe they’ll take notice of our suggestions?  We’ll have to wait until CES 2013 to find out.

As far as the AVIC units go, here’s a little teaser. I’ll have the full introduction posted up shortly. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Annie,
    I’ve been eyeing the new AVIC head-unit. My wife’s 2001 Xterra factory 6-disc changer finally gave out and after some research, decided to install the AVIC-X930BT and she really loves that unit. It’s not perfect but like you mentioned, compared to the competition, nobody else comes close to the AVICs (in terms of iphone integration, intuitive buttons).

    I’m in the midst of finally putting a new sound system in my 1997 Toyota Supra and since I’ve got my entire dashboard out, I might as well upgrade the head-unit. So I was originally going to get the older AVIC-Z130BT or X930BT but seeing that the new X940BT is coming soon as well as the new Z140BH, I was thinking that maybe I should put my dash back in and take it apart again once the new head unit arrives and just swap out the head unit.



    • Hi Billy,
      You are keeping me busy, I love it! So I didn’t really see any HUGE changes in the line up between 2011 AVIC units and 2012 AVIC units other than app integration for Android and the menu system being more similar to their App Radio. So if you have an iPhone, the integration and app control is supposed to be better on the new unit. Audio features and navigation features seemed about the same over last years line up. So if you have an Android, the 2012 lineup will probably be something to wait for. Otherwise for iPhone users, the only thing you’d be giving up is advanced control when using app mode.

      The 2011 model App mode has you launching the Apps from your phone and then simply hearing the audio and seeing the video on screen (unless you launch Pandora, which gives you full control on screen using the iPhone). For certain apps, you’ll be able to control on screen with the 2012 version.

      And besides the smaller screen, the biggest difference between the 130 and the 930 is built in HD tuner, built in Nav Traffic (which works pretty well actually) and 4 volt preout. So if you’re building a system you’re better off with either the 130 or 140.

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