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Each week I get installation questions from people all over the world and it’s my pleasure to help. Often times, the questions I get asked have already been answered somewhere on this blog, but I understand it can take time to find that information and understand how it pertains to your application. I thought it’d be cool to pick one of the more common questions I get each week and answer it via a video post. This way it will be easier for anyone with a similar question or application to find an answer. Just post a comment here or email me at [email protected] with the subject “Question of the week”.

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  1. Ok so i have two Alpine type R 12s SWR-1223D they are the dual ohm voice coil and i wanted to know the best amp to use for them. Right now i have them in a $ ohm load being run off of a Kenwood KAC-7205 dual channel amp and i know that it is not doing them justice i plan on using it for my 2002 Trailblazer door speakers which i am replacing with type R 6.5 door speakers, I also have installed a Kenwood DDX419 for my head unit. I have looked into a new amp and am so lost by the responses that i have gotten. I have been told keep alpine subs with an alpine amp and I have looked at the MRX-M100 is that going to be enough? I have also been told to get the Rockford Fosgate power T1500 but is that to much i am so confused at this point i dont want to waste money and I think i need a capacitor but i am still so new to this and want to do so much I just would like some much needed help and assistance if you dont mind.

  2. Does Parrot intend to offer HD Radio in their Asteroid line?

    • Hi Chris,
      That’s a great question. Sadly, in the few days I was at CES, I did not have a chance to get over to the Parrot booth to check this out. The Asteroid line looks like a lot of other stereo’s coming out these days where manufacturer’s are really just creating stereo’s designed to interface with cell phones allowing users to access the awesome features and apps of today’s smart phones. Parrot takes it one step further by actually creating a stereo with the Android platform built in. Because you have access to radio apps and over 5000 radio stations through 3G connectivity, the HD Radio option is probably not a necessary feature in the manufacturer’s eyes and I doubt they will work to integrate it within their Asteroid line. That’s just my guess as I did not have a chance to speak with anyone directly at Parrot. Thanks for checking out the blog and thank you for your comment.

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