Hello there everyone.  My name is Annie Amen and car audio is my life.  I started in this business 10 years ago.  I have had the wonderful opportunity of learning everything I know from an incredibly dedicated, passionate and talented car audio installer who has been in the business since 1982.  He is so talented and knowledgeable, that he was voted one of the Top 100 installers in the United States in 2007.  He is also now my husband and I continue to learn new things from him and about this industry every day.

John and I own and operate Sounds Incredible Mobile, a local mobile electronics specialty store in Danbury, CT.  Car audio is our passion and we love sharing this passion and our knowledge and expertise with as many people as we can.

Every day, in our store, I take every chance I get to educate consumers about car audio.  I explain how products and features actually work and why they work.  I gleefully give out  tips and tricks on installation, what brands are good, what to stay away from, who not to buy from, etc.  I feel I HAVE to do this as there is so much misinformation out there; it often astounds me.  I always give my honest opinion on something and if I really don’t know the answer for something, I’ll do my best to find the answer.  I’ve got lots of resources available to me.

So please, if you have questions regarding a vehicle, an installation, a brand of speaker, amplifier or stereo, let me have it.  I would love to let you know the real deal.

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  1. so i understand the concecpt of installing a system into a stock radio… a little. is there a better way to do it other than connecting an RCA converter to your main back speaker wires? i would like to know please, thanks!

    • Hi,
      It depends on the car. Mobridge is this great company out of Australia that makes digital pre-amp interfaces. So if you have a car that works on MOST bus, you can literally tap into the stock system through the car’s fiber optic network. It’s REALLY clean. This interface talks through fiber optic light wire to your car’s stereo and computer system and gives you Front, Rear and Subwoofer preouts for aftermarket amps and speakers. But you’ve got to have a MOST bus car.

      Other similar products if you don’t have MOST are things like JL Audio’s Clean Sweep or the Audison Bit One. They still go through speaker level, but have equalization and correction adjustments for the stock output, so it’s kind of like replacing the source without having to change the stereo. But they’re more for if you’re doing new speakers and a 4 channel amp too. But they work well, we sell a bunch of them and they often sound much better than replacing the stereo.

      I have the Mobridge Preamp and the Audison Bit One in my car (along with some Audison Speakers, Audison Amp and JL sub’s) and it sounds better than any aftermarket stereo I’ve ever had before and I’m using the factory BMW radio! It looks totally stock, sounds completely aftermarket.

      Let me know what kind of car and I’ll give you some ideas.

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